Aurora SICAV is an international fund management company with a focus on unique investment strategies that are not readily available elsewhere. Aurora SICAV offers its clients and professional investors a series of boutique investment strategies.

Investment Philosophy
Our investment philosophy is driven by our intention to provide sustainable and solid growth combined with a continuous consideration of wealth preservation. Within the context of our strategic investment decisions and asset selection process, we are guided by our overall Big Picture, taking into account the larger context of global markets, geo-politics and economic developments and trends. At the tactical level and on a daily basis, we engage in technical and fundamental analysis combined with a thorough micro-level process of due diligence.

Investment Principles
The investment strategies offered are devised on the basis of several and innovative principles as term of investments, prioritization of absolute returns over relative performance as well as safety achieved via active portfolio management and systematic diversification within the asset classes selected.

Contact us
We invite you to learn more about Aurora SICAV by reviewing this website. And, we look forward to learning more about you and any questions you might have. You can contact us online or via e-mail.